Designing barrier free spaces so that your home can fulfill your needs
throughout your lifetime. Universal design can accommodate people of all ages
and abilities. We are very familiar with this issue as David’s brother Steve was
exposed to chemicals while serving in the US Navy, became disabled at a very
young age and has needed to have his own home modified for his disability.
David and Irene have family members and friends with
Multiple Sclerosis and
they have done modifications to their home to make accessibility easier.
We at Pioneer West Remodeling, Inc. are happy to provide Design/ Remodel
services for your kitchen and bathroom needs.
Your kitchen is the hub of your home and often is the most used room in the
house. It’s where we cook, share meals and gather for conversations. These
are all the things that are considered when we design your dream kitchen.
Baths are the most personal spaces in the home. In the past, bathrooms were
built small and closet-like, but bathroom trends today, whirlpool baths require
more space to offer the spa-like experience many homeowners crave.
Using natural, plentiful, and readily renewable products, energy efficient and
water conserving appliances, low or non-toxic materials and passive energy
sources are just a few ways to help reduce negative impact on our environment.
What does having your home fulfill your needs throughout your lifetime really
mean? It means that you can stay in your home for years longer than you
thought possible. No one likes to move from the home they have lived in for
years if they do not have to. It could be as simple as adding grab bars for
balance and safety to removing a bathtub that is difficult to get into and replacing
it with a walk-in shower with a seat. Retirement communities can cost over
$3,000 per month and can deplete your life saving quickly. By remodeling your
current home, you can feel secure and safe with your surroundings, save money
and increase the value of your home and the quality of your life.
Sustainable Design/ Remodeling
Services We Provide